Advanced Safety Pros Corp

Once YOUR COMPANY safety program is professionally designed and engineered, someone needs to interactively manage it!  No more setting a book on the shelf to prove compliance; YOUR COMPANY must stay up to date and be actively training and teaching, continuously!  ASP will provide the mentoring and consulting services needed to develop this talent in-house OR  simply keep us on a trainer-retainer. 

After fully developing a professional safety program YOUR COMPANY will require ongoing, interactive safety engineering (training, reconnoiter and retraining).  With the passion of a mother bear protecting her young, ASP will develop and employ all of the training required to assure that YOUR COMPANY program is fully executed as designed.

Nobody plans to fail, yet many of us fail to plan!  Employers can buy safety plans, programs, templates and IIPP documents from a variety of sales folks and unnamed, online sales sites.  Some of these may even protect from legal problems...  Working as your Safety Architect, ASP will interactively design a professional safety program customized to the culture of YOUR COMPANY!  

Assuring "Safety First" Cultures 
within all Customer Companies by aligning their cultural change to SAFETY FIRST with these solutions: 

  • TRUE COMPETENCY in safe climbing & transitioning, practiced & perfected emergency/rescue techniques AND proven-competent rigging and underground/confined space emergency scenarios; not simply another card to photo-copy.
  • TRUE COMPLIANCE by securing your industry's best practices, customized information retrieval system covering every worker in the field, and proven-OSHA & ANSI compliance training.
  • TRUE CREDIBILITY by verifying worker qualifications/certifications data thru QRedentials-CVS.  ​Assuring that every Employee working in hazardous situations is professionally trained and certified BEFORE exposure to such hazards (ASP STRONG).  ​Establishing a Safety Director who will confirm that each worker receives the very best business practices being developed for the safety and compliance of the employees exposed to any hazards, serving your with an Advanced Safety Pros Corp ​safety program development and consultation, Advanced Safety Pros Corp safety plan management - training and certification, site safety plans, safety audits, construction safety...