After developing a passion for the culture of safety as a General Contractor in the 1970's and 1980's, Cliff started Advanced Safety Pros Corp to partner with those leading that drive in the Telecommunications industry.

Partnering training talents with his Brother at ComTrain, LLC and a group of intense Construction experts, Cliff spent three years travelling the Country and re-analyzing the great need for improved safety training in emergency responsiveness and overall awareness of safety training throughout all construction trades, but specifically to those trades involving working at extreme heights!  Studying and communicating with the biggest and greatest “emergency response and safety training” firms in this Country, there became an even greater realization of the need for an entire industry, cultural change; We need to become ASP STRONG!  

The ASPRAP Team is proud to be partnering with The Hubble Foundation, ComTrain Texas, LLC, LBA University, the TIRAP (PCIA, OSHA & FCC) and many, industry leaders to assure that together we are serving all safety & health training needs that YOUR COMPANY requires for compliance AND for total peace-of-mind while digging the Broadcast and Telecommunications industries out of the dark cloud as the "most dangerous job in America!"

The Passion